WAX FLOWER: Discover the secrets to growing it!

Uncover the secrets behind the successful cultivation of the Wax Flower and keep it lush in your green space.

Adequate Light  Ensure that the Wax Flower receives bright indirect light for healthy growth and lush flowering.

Moderate watering  Avoid soaking the soil, allowing the Wax Flower to dry out between waterings to avoid root rot problems.

Controlled Humidity  Maintain humidity around the Wax Flower, providing an environment with good relative humidity to promote optimal growth.

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Ideal temperature  Make sure the wax flower is in a stable temperature environment, avoiding extreme fluctuations that could affect its growth.

Regular pruning  Carry out regular pruning to promote an attractive shape and appearance, as well as stimulating the healthy growth of the Wax Flower.

Pest protection  Keep the wax flower safe from pests by carrying out regular inspections and taking appropriate preventative measures.