VENUS COCONUT: Exoticism and Beauty at Home! 

Bring exotic tropical beauty into your home with the Venus Coconut. Discover with us the secrets to stunning, hassle-free cultivation.

Suitable light: Prefer filtered light for the Venus Coconut Tree. Avoid intense direct sunlight, providing an ideal tropical environment.

Well-drained soil  Ensure that the soil is light and drainable. Avoid waterlogging to prevent root problems.

Moderate watering  Keep a balance. Water when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch, adapting to seasonal needs.

Are you enjoying the tips? Yes? How wonderful! Keep going, it's not over yet :)

Appreciated humidity: The Venus coconut loves humidity. Spray water on the leaves to replicate its tropical habitat.

Specific fertilization  Fertilize monthly in spring and summer with a balanced fertilizer. Reduce in fall and winter.

Growing the Venus Coconut Tree means transforming your space into a tropical oasis. Follow our instructions and let exuberant nature flourish in your home!