Enter the world of the Money Plant. Discover how to care for this unique plant in six steps, transforming your home with the beauty of nature.

Just the right amount of light Money Plant thrives in indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight to keep its leaves lush and healthy.

Well-drained soil Make sure the soil is light and allows good drainage. Money Plant appreciates a moist, but not soggy, substrate.

Moderate Watering Avoid overwatering! Moderate watering, keeping the soil slightly moist, is ideal for the Money Plant's healthy development.

Adequate Support Provide supports or trellises to encourage vertical growth. Money Plant is a climbing plant that loves to spread out.

Cleaning the Leaves Keep the leaves clean by removing dust with a damp cloth. This promotes better light absorption and aeration.

Simple Propagation Money Plant is easy to propagate. Cut a healthy piece and plant it in a new pot to expand your collection.

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