Discover the charm of the Mini Fern. In this guide, learn how to care for this delicate plant in your home.

Indirect Light Delicate shadows: Prefer locations with filtered light. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve the health of the Mini Fern's delicate leaves.

Essential Humidity Perfect mist: Keep the environment humid. Spray water on the leaves regularly and place the plant away from draughts.

Well-drained soil Comfortable soil: Plant in light, well-drained soil. Ensure that the water drains easily, avoiding waterlogging of the roots.

Moderate watering Balanced hydration: Keep the soil slightly moist. Water when the top layer is dry, avoiding overwatering.

Gentle Fertilization Delicate feeding: Fertilize monthly in spring and summer. Use balanced fertilizer, reducing the frequency in winter.

Pruning Dry Leaves Essential Cleaning: Remove dried or damaged leaves. This stimulates healthy growth and maintains the plant's beauty.

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