Meanings of the NARCISSUS FLOWER: Flowers that Tell Stories!

Discover the hidden meanings behind the beauty of the Narcissus on a journey. A flower rich in symbolism is waiting to be unveiled.

Enchanting purity The Narcissus symbolizes purity and innocence, reflecting inner beauty in its delicate and radiant form. A flower that transcends the simple act of blooming.

Floral Rebirth Representing rebirth, the Narcissus emerges from the earth as a sign of new beginnings. Its presence heralds spring.

Vanity and self-esteem Narcissus is also associated with vanity and self-esteem. In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in the water

Eternal Love and Remembrance Gifting Narcissus can express eternal love and lasting remembrance. This flower is often associated with eternal feelings.

Victory over Challenges The flower symbolizes overcoming challenges and adversity. Its ability to thrive in adverse conditions.

Care and Respect When giving a gift of Narcissus, convey care and respect. This flower symbolizes not only feelings.

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