KOKEDAMA: Spheres of Nature in Your Home!

Enter the world of Kokedama, a unique way of displaying plants that combines artistic elegance with botanical care.

Japanese Origins Discover the Japanese tradition of Kokedama, where plants are wrapped in spheres of moss, creating real living works of art.

Choosing the right plant Choosing the right plant is essential. Prefer those that adapt well to indoor environments and have compact roots.

Preparing the mix  Mixing the soil is crucial. Combine quality substrate, clay and sphagnum moss to ensure an environment conduciveclay, to growth.

Shaping with Delicacy  Shape the mixture around the roots of the plant, forming a sphere. Delicacy in this step is essential to preserve the integrity of the plant.

Are you enjoying the tips? Yes? How wonderful! Keep going, it's not over yet :)

Moss wrap  Wrap the sphere with moss, creating a protective layer and giving the Kokedama a unique aesthetic.

Light maintenance  Keep the Kokedama suspended or on decorative plates. Water by submerging the sphere in water for a few minutes when it feels light.

By creating Kokedamas, you not only decorate your space with natural beauty, but also immerse yourself in an artistic practice that unites technique and nature.