GOLLUM JADE: Cultivating Magic in Your Garden!

Enter the magical world of Gollum Jade! Discover the best practices for growing and caring for this extraordinary succulent.

The Right Light: Gollum Jade loves light! Place it in sunny locations to maintain its succulent leaves and unique characteristics.

Moderate Watering: Avoid overwatering! Water only when the soil is completely dry. Gollum Jade thrives on moderation.

Well-drained Soil: Make sure the soil drains quickly. Succulent mixes are ideal for maintaining root health.

Mild Temperature: This succulent appreciates temperatures between 15°C and 24°C. Protect it from intense cold to preserve its vitality.

Strategic Pruning: Encourage more compact growth by pruning the tips. This helps maintain Gollum Jade's characteristic shape.

Growing Gollum Jade is easier than you think! Follow our tips and turn your garden into an oasis of green eccentricity.

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