CROTON: Unraveling the Tropical Mystery!

Enter the colorful world of Croton. This web story will present 5 crucial tips for cultivating and understanding the origin of this tropical plant.

Tropical Origin  Discover the history of Croton codiaeum, originally from Southeast Asia. An exuberant plant that brings with it the vibrant essence of the tropics.

Bright sunlight  Croton loves light. Place it in direct sunlight to enjoy its shiny leaves and vibrant colors.

Rich, well-drained soil  Choose soil that is fertile and allows good drainage. Maintain ideal conditions for healthy development.

Moderate watering  Keep the soil evenly moist. Avoid overwatering, allowing the Croton to adapt to a balanced watering regime.

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Pruning for stimulation  Carry out gentle pruning to promote more compact growth and stimulate the emergence of new leaves.

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