5 Steps to TAKING Excellent Care of a PEACOCK ORCHID!

Immerse yourself in the charms of the peacock orchid! Discover simple steps to ensure the exuberant flowering of this unique plant.

Suitable Light:  The peacock orchid loves indirect light. Place it near a window with filtered light to encourage vibrant growth.

Controlled Watering  Avoid waterlogging the substrate. Water only when you feel the top layer of soil is dry, providing a balanced environment.

Ideal Temperature  These orchids thrive in moderate temperature environments. Keep them between 65-75ºF (18°-24°C) to ensure their healthy flowering.

Strategic Fertilization During spring and summer, fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer. Reduce or stop in the fall and winter.

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Prudent Pruning  Remove old flowers and stems after flowering to encourage new shoots. This will keep the plant healthy and promote a continuous flowering cycle.

Growing the peacock orchid is a journey of discovery and delicate care. Adopt our tips and watch your orchid bloom in all its magnificence!